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Principal- Mr. Albert Joseph
Mr. Albert Joseph

"Welcome to the Anse la Raye RC Infant School’s website.  I am Albert P. Joseph, principal of the school.  I have been an educator for the past 18yrs ever since I left secondary school.  I have had the opportunity to teach at the infant, primary and secondary school levels, where I have gained a wealth of experience.  I am very passionate about education and imparting knowledge to others. I am also an avid lover of photography and youth and community development.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve in the new role as principal to begin to mobilize our team to achieve our goals.  Thank you for visiting our page. I do hope you will find all the information that you need right here."

Grade K

Ms Sherniel Charles
Ms Sherniel Charles

"I am Miss Sherniel T. Charles, teacher of a Kindergarten class at the Anse la Raye R.C. Infant School. The opportunity to teach was presented to me at the beginning of the current school year (2015-2016). Thus far, the experience has been awesome and thought-provoking. For me, the best part of each day is interacting with the beautiful souls. Since September 2015, I have considered myself one of the most favoured beings, having been exposed to such dynamics.
My hobbies include socializing and learning, hence the reason for my fond interest in the teaching profession.
After attaining certificates from the Caribbean Examinations Council at the form five level of my secondary education, I moved to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College where I pursued and was awarded an Associate Degree in Applied Arts Business Administration.
I strongly agree with Albert Einstein when he said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." Therefore, in the classroom I practice just that, while I encourage students to think. I try as much as possible to have students see and understand the importance of what they are learning."

Grade K

Mrs. Fintana Edward

Mrs. Fintana Edward

"I am Fintana Edward. I am presently a Grade K Teacher. I am outgoing and a jovial person. I enjoy reading, being in my kitchen garden and planting flowers and being in the company of people who are positive. I believe that learning should be a lifelong learning experience. Therefore, I constantly search for various strategies to reach the individual students entrusted in my care.I also believe that students should be provided with the basic needs because I feel motivated by students' sharp appearance. I have a bunch of beautiful students and I believe that they are all 'Fearfully and wonderfully made.' 

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made. -The Great Book'

Grade One

Mrs. Lucilla- Andrew Rodolph
Mrs. Lucilla Rodolph

Mrs. Rodolph is a lover of life. She is a Grade One teacher and has been in the profession for over thirty years. She possesses a Masters in Education in Literacy Education and enjoys implementing Literacy based programmes at the school. 

Grade One

Mrs, Martina Raphael-Poleon
Mrs. Martina Raphael-Poleon

God-fearing, humble, meticulous, sensational Martina R. Poleon, is a Grade One teacher at the Anse la Raye RC Infant School. She is very passionate about her students holistic development, working hard to reach every one of them at their levels, and instilling the necessary virtues of life in them. Her class motto is 'If you can conceive it in your mind, believe it in your heart, then you can achieve it.' She also enjoys ministering to people, winning souls and telling them of the love of Jesus Christ. She is a family person and ensures she spends quality time with her loving husband and two beautiful children. Mrs. R. Poleon is adamant that the family that prays together, stays together.  This has been proven. She believes that teaching should provide an avenue for free expression and adventure. It should not be about the curriculum but should reach each child at his/her level and should proceed following this child's pace, requirements and demands. She enjoys working with the staff members and looks forward to sharing during the devotions on a morning. 

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. -Aristotle

Grade Two

Ms. Kate Popo- Grade Two
Ms. Kate Popo

"I am an enthusiastic and charismatic individual.I try to bring my vibrancy and creativity to the classroom. I am a performer and ensure my instruction integrates theatre arts and aspects of performance, to bring life to learning. I am new to this truly rewarding and demanding field. I believe my passion for youth development and empowerment directed me to this field and have never once questioned my involvement in this vocation. 

I believe that learning should reflect and be influenced by the situation that exists around my students. I aim to equip my students with the necessary tools that they may be functional citizens of our community and our beloved country. I continue to encourage my little ones to aim high, beyond what is realistic and take small steps to reach that goal. Go for it!

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out." -Robert Collier

Grade Two

Ms. Nadiege Charles
Ms. Nadiege Charles

N- Nurturing

A- Affectionate

D- Dedicated

I- Industrious

E- Effective

G- Generous

E- Empowering

Nadiege Charles believes no teaching has taken place if learning has not occurred. Ms. Charles has had over seventeen (17) years of teaching experience and knew before she was five years old, she wanted to be a teacher. She has taught all levels at the Infant and Primary School except Grade Five. Her profound love for the arts particularly singing is clearly visible with the work done with the school's choir. In her free time, she uses visual arts (drawing, painting and crafts) to relax. Holistic Development of pupils, molding academic, spiritual, social skills and experience in sports and performing and visual arts is at the center of what she believes her purpose as a teacher is. She believes that the rewards are many in teaching. 

The warmth in my heart and the ability to comfortably sleep, knowing that the work was done and the child was touched, that is to have taught. 

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