Inter-House Sports Meet

Sports Meet Champions
Sports Meet Champions

On Friday February 26, 2016 students of our school took part in the Annual Inter House Athletics Championship. The long awaited, eagerly anticipated meeting of the houses stirred a great atmosphere into the school from Thursday afternoon into the early hours of Friday morning. Four teams, blue for Deterville House, green for Mandela House, yellow for Walcott House and red for Sobers House; each team was ready to claim the title and reign supreme and undefeated for an entire year at the school. Defending Champions Deterville House was ready to take on the other teams and soon the banter and chanting that filled the air in the school would dissipate as the winner would be determined on the field.

Students marched to the Anse la Raye Playing Field, the venue to host the day’s proceedings. Students were blessed with prayers and led through the Athletes Oath. Soon after, the Sports Meet was declared open. With a loud roar, students proceeded to their respective camps on the field and the games commenced, a few minutes before 11:00am.

Athletes ran their guts out on the field. The races were intense. The young ones from our school, running the Under 9, put on a great show for the audience. Parents screamed in support of their children. Older athletes brought even more excitement to the Sports Meet. All around one can hear the chanting of the teams; “Let’s go Deterville! Let’s go!” The battle to stay on top seemed a bit daunting for the blue team but through the determination of House Masters Ms Edward and Mrs Headley, it was clear that no team proved worthy to dethrone the champions.

Mr Octave, Sports Coordinator for both schools congratulated the teams on a job well done. To bring the day to an end he announced the winners of the day. The anticipation stained the air with silence. He swiftly went on to announce the placement of teams:
4th place- Sobers
3rd place- Walcott
2nd place- Mandela
1st place- Deterville

Once again Deterville House reclaimed their title. Athletes ran an entire lap around the grounds celebrating their victory. No sour faces were shown on the faces of the athletes of the other houses. However, grunts of disappointment pervaded the space as students swiflty trickled to their respective areas to tidy up. The students all prayed and ended the day on a high note.

Congratulations to the organizers! Congratulations to the athletes! Congratulations to all teams!

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