Anse la Raye RC Infant School



The Anse la Raye RC Infant School is often described as a small school, but a very strong school. The waterfront has been home to this treasured educational institution in the quaint little village since the early 1960s.  Throughout its history, the school has been served by six dedicated and phenomenal women who have each brought their energies and enthusiasm, making Anse la Raye Infant School the warm and friendly environment that it is.  In September, 2015 the first male principal of the school was appointed in the person of Mr. Albert Joseph.

Our school is home to approximately eighty-four (84) students from the community and its environs.  There are two grades at each level from kindergarten to grade two.  Apart from academics, students engage in many activities from singing, art, computers, environmental care to name a few.  We also offer a range of experiences at the school by celebrating special observances such as Jounen Kweyol,, Christmas, Nobel Laureate Week and Independence among others.

Here we are proud of the team of highly committed and educated leaders who constantly strive to make leaning fun and enjoyable.  Everyday teachers make a concerted effort to meet the needs of every child despite their abilities. 


Over the years we have grown as an institution and we celebrate all that we have achieved. Our school encourages the development of students holistically, engaging them in activities not limited to academics, but also sports, culture and spiritual amd morale attainment

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