About Us

"We want to see every child succeed and take his/ her rightful place in society."



    An institution which builds a foundation which nurtures values -driven learners with lifelong skills of leadership, initiative, productivity and flexibility and academic skills, for social and global adaptability.



    Harnessing the positive and creative talents of all stakeholders, a safe and orderly environment will be cultivated to provide well-planned , quality instruction to all learners in fields of literacy, numeracy, arts, spirituality and technology to enable the achievement of personal success and to begin molding minds to making a meaningful contribution to community for future growth and development.



    Goals of the Anse la Raye RC Infant School

  • Goal One: Student Achievement

  • Develop and enhance quality educational programmes to increase academic performance

  • Goal Two: Quality Assessments

  • To employ quality assessment principles that are results driven and improve targeted student learning

  • Goal Three: School Safety and Discipline

  • Create a safe and orderly environment for staff and students

  • Goal Four: Community and Parental Involvement

  • To develop strong partnerships among school, parents and the wider community through collaboration

  • Goal Five: Facility Improvements and Financial Stability

  • Create a positive learning environment for students and staff

  • Goal Six: Integrate the religious, moral and civic dimensions into the school curriculum

  • Goal Seven: Extracurricular Activities

  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in a host of non-academic areas

The Difficulties in my path will not defeat my Ambition.